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"I haven't been everywhere, but it is on my list" is one of my favorite quotes by Susan Sontag. The Golden Retriever on a Vespa epitomizes fun adventure! I printed this using cool old wood and metal type, and an original carved linoleum block. This is a second edition reprint of the first broadside that I ever printed, with a few updates. I used different wood and metal type, a few word changes, and the paper is beautiful 100% cotton cream colored paper that I printed with a warm lime green custom-mixed ink as a background for the teal lino block and aubergine type. It is also a better size than the original at 12" x 15".

Pack Your Bags Original Letterpress Art

  • 12" x 15", limited edition printed on 100% cotton paper. 

    Care for Broadsides: To keep ink colors vibrant, please don’t display letterpress art in direct sunlight.