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This is a Limited Edition Letterpress Print suitable for framing, made by using a reduction block method, custom mixed ink, luscious cotton paper and an antique Vandercook press. My inspiration was a stately old snow-covered pine tree in Twin Lakes, Idaho on my brother's property that I took a photo of at Christmastime. This reduction print was done by carving a linoleum block and printing the lightest color (in this case I printed a light grey and carved away the snow so that it would stay white), then carving away everything that I wanted to stay that color (grey) and printing the next color (green), then two more passes that provided the trunk and branches of the tree in two shades of brown. Wha-La! Done!

Idaho Pine Letterpress Art

  •  11" x 15" Limited Edition of 65 prints.

    Care for Broadsides: To keep ink colors vibrant, please don’t display letterpress art in direct sunlight.